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      We know that we have a big part to play in protecting and maintaining the environment for the future. So, our goal is to minimise or reverse the negative impact we have.  We’re very proud to have ISO 14001 accreditation - an internationally recognised measure of the way we manage our impact and involve our employees. And we’ve been in the Sunday Times Best Green Companies list for the last three years.

      We have measured our Carbon Footprint and are working to reduce it year on year through housekeeping initiatives and investment in plant and equipment in our buildings.

      We’ve made lots of changes to how we run our business, including;

      • Photovoltaic solar panels generate 15,000 kw hours of electricity per year supplying carbon neutral lighting to our car parks
      • Bee hive
      • Movement sensor lighting saves 24% on the electricity we use
      • New computer screens reduce power consumption by 70%
      • Urinal dosing systems save 14k M3 of water per year
      • Emission free electric vans move post between our buildings  
      • Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers save more than 28,500 sacks of paper towels from landfill each year and use 83% less energy than conventional hand dryers
      • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper sources - using 50% recycled paper for our literature and making information has available on line we’ve reduced paper consumption by 20%
      • Recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans, batteries, drink cups and all confidential waste has reduced our landfill waste by 42% and paper waste by 27%
      • Dual flush and sensor taps have reduced our water usage by 20%
      Bee in open hand

      Making a bee line for conservation

      We wanted to capture our employees’ attention about green issues – we’d done lots of the standard stuff like recycling but this was a fresh idea that really hit the spot.

      With the assistance of a local bee keeper we trained 12 employees as beekeepers and have hives on the top of two of our buildings. Not only do we use state of the art beehives, we also sell the honey that our bees work so hard to produce and donate the money to the pollinating insect research initiative.

      If you would like to help bees survive you can see the Royal Horticultural Society list of plants that provide nectar and pollen for bees and many other types of pollinating insects. Why not plant some in your garden?

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