Solar power, a wormery and Norman

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      Meet Norman. He’s part of the team here at AXA PPP healthcare. But not in the way you might necessarily expect.

      He’s actually a Harris Hawk. He helps to scare away pigeons and seagulls without causing any physical harm. He’s also the most environmentally friendly way of keeping such birds away from our offices and leaving any unsightly mess that might otherwise be difficult and costly to remove.


      He’s just one of the many ways in which we strive to do things in a more environmentally friendly manner.

      We’re delighted to announce we have received our 4th accreditation for ISO 14000 Environmental Management System – a core set of standards used by AXA PPP healthcare to monitor and measure everything we do, in mind of reducing the impact of our business upon the environment.

      To celebrate this achievement we thought it might be an idea to highlight some of the environmental initiatives we have in place, alongside Norman, to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environmental performance.

      • Did you know that we generate 20,000 kwh of electricity every single year through our solar panels.  That’s enough to power seven typical three bed homes.
      • We’ve also installed Solar Reflective Film on some of our buildings – our need for cooling systems, like air conditioning, is therefore reduced.
      • As well as recycling 65% of our waste we also make sure all our printers are set to print double sided.  A simple step which helps us to reduce the amount of paper we have to send for recycling or to waste.
      • Each meeting and training room is fitted with motion sensors so that our lights only come on when someone needs them.
      • We replaced our paper towel dispensers with hand dryers, happily preventing 28,500 sacks of paper going to landfill.
      • We have two electric emission free vans to help with logistics at AXA PPP healthcare.
      • Our LED lighting produces less heat and is a much more environmentally friendly lighting alternative.  In fact changing one LED is equal to unplugging over 460 mobile phone chargers! And on top of that each LED light lasts for approximately 15 years so it’s also incredibly cost effective.
      • We have bee hives to encourage pollination of wild flowers and a wormery on site which produces quality rich compost.
      • Our recycling initiatives for a range of items, from bras to batteries, to help support charities locally and nationally – also reducing the amount we send to landfill.

      These simple steps all help to reduce our impact on the environment, reduce costs and help us as a business to become more efficient in our ways of working.

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