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Robyn Pellew asked...

I would like to have my son immunised using single injections rather than MMR.

I would like to have my son immunised using single injections rather than MMR. Is there a recommended provider of single immunisations?

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The answer

Single MMR vaccines are not available on the NHS in the UK, and are also not licensed. As a result, no doctor would be able to recommend a clinic for this purpose. The mumps component of the vaccine is no longer made as a single vaccine, so is not available. This is relevant for a boy, as mumps orchitis can cause infertility, although rare. The only serious side effects of the vaccines are allergic reactions, so if a child is known to have an egg allergy, it is advised that the child be referred to a hospital so that the vaccine can be given under supervision in a hospital setting. This would also apply for the single vaccines, as they all also contain egg. Remember that the single vaccines would involve four injections in total, rather than two. If you still wish to give your child single vaccines for measles and rubella against current medical advice, it would be prudent to research into the doctor/clinic giving the vaccines to make sure they are fully qualified and registered. It would be safer to give the single vaccines, rather than none at all.

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