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Karen Steele asked...

I got my period 2 weeks early.

I got my period 2 weeks early this month and it was different to the norm as not much pain, just mild cramps but the bleeding was heavier than normal but only 2 days long?

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The answer

The regularity of periods is caused by a cyclical rise and fall of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone, and this can be upset by a variety of factors such as stress, heavy exercise, excessive dieting, poor nutrition, weight loss or other illnesses, for example. Provided an early period is occasional, is of usual duration/heaviness and feels generally similar to a normal period, then it is less likely that there are concerns. If it is lighter, heavier, altered in fluid consistency (e.g. clots or more dilute), prolonged or in particular more painful than normal, then it is certainly worth getting checked out by your doctor.

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