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C.J. Brown asked...

I am having trouble with my bridge.

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I had a bridge about 20 years ago, it developed a hole and on investigation the canine tooth had to be removed leaving a gap of 2 teeth and a crown that should be replaced. In other words the bridge was broken up. My options were implants costing £5,000 or a plate, approx £1,200 and crown costing £800. A temporary plate was put in causing an ulcer and was altered leaving a gap. I was grateful to have teeth but cant enjoy my food with it, speech is affected etc. so i decided to opt for the more expensive plate plus a new crown costing approx. £2,000. My concern has always been the lack of advice from my dentist who always informs me that there is no time to talk as his time is about £150 an hour. It has been causing me some anxiety as I have noticed some changes in my appearance when I take it out. I have phoned the surgery and my latest news is that he is thinking of an affordable solution to the problem, I was happy to have the new plate. So my question to you is what do you think is a good option for me.

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The answer

It is not possible to provide an accurate and tailored response to this question as there are many variables that need to be considered and that are specific to you personally. Also I would need to examine you and make all necessary investigations and X-rays. However, general options for any space would be a denture, bridge or implant. Temporary dentures tend to be more difficult to adapt to, especially if you have not worn a denture before. A more expensive denture is still a denture and there is no guarantee that you will be able to adapt to it in terms of speech and taste. Changes in your appearance could be due to bone loss and reduced lip/cheek support. What is the best option for you? Only you can decide this with the guidance of your dentist. If he does not have enough time to talk to you properly about your dental health and give you the appropriate guidance, then maybe you need to seek a second opinion elsewhere, particularly if he stated his hourly rate.

Answered by Dr Sej Patel


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