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Rachel asked...

Can a pregnancy test be wrong?

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I was due on my period on the 6th june I didnt get it till the 23rd during the night I suffered with bad cramping then blood clots not my normal period it only lasted 3 days normally mine last 5-6 days and are normally on time I then suffered with a headache for 3 days I did pregnancy test on the 8th but was negative me and my partner are having unprotected sex could the test be wrong? Could I be pregnant? My symptoms: headache , dizziness , tired , gaining weight , mood swings (feeling more angry more often) , drinking more. Any advice will be great?

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The answer

Why don’t you do another pregnancy test today to see if you are, or were, pregnant. A very heavy, late period can sometimes be the result of an early miscarriage. If that was the case, the pregnancy test may still show up as positive. I would make an appointment to discuss the situation with your doctor. If the pregnancy test is positive you will need to have some further tests to see if you are still pregnant or not.  If the pregnancy test is negative you should start taking prenatal vitamins so that your body is well prepared for pregnancy next time. Unprotected sex will most likely lead to pregnancy at some point. If you don’t want to be pregnant your GP can offer you some free contraception.


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