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Could I be pregnant?

Tags: Pregnancy

I had my last period on the 31st May and was on for 5 days. I finished early on the morning and as soon as I was finished my partner and I had unprotected sex. I bled a little a few hours later. I now have severe heartburn, strange feelings in my stomach and I feel tired on a night. Could I be pregnant?

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The answer

The only way to tell if you are pregnant is by doing a pregnancy test. Ovulation can sometimes occur at different times throughout the cycle (especially if you have irregular periods or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) so it would be sensible to do a pregnancy test to be sure if you are worried.  You can get even get pregnant by having intercourse during your period. It is always worth using protection if you do not want to become pregnant. If your period is late I suggest that you buy a simple pregnancy test from the chemist. They are very accurate and the same as the ones GP's use.

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