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Lesley asked...

Small pea-like lump

I have a small pea-like lump in the area where my ear lobe meets my jaw. It is more prominent when I have a cold and am constantly blowing my nose. At those times it hurts a little when I 'mess' with it. As my cold symptoms go, so does the lump although if I feel around hard enough I can locate it and at those times it is painless. I have had it for around 20 yrs but after casually mentioning to to my GP on a recent visit, she now wants me to go for an Ultra-sound scan which has alarmed me somewhat, Do you have any thoughts?

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The answer

A lump in this area that comes and goes with infections is usually a lymph gland. A lymph gland is designed to help fight infections. An ultrasound will be able to confirm what it is. It is unlikely to be anything serious, especially if it has been present for many years without growing any larger.

Your doctor is probably double checking the diagnosis, so try not to panic.

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