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Joanne asked...

My son bumped his head.

Tags: Children

My son is also covered by my healthcare policy. He bumped his head a couple of weeks ago and has been complaining that his head hurts sometimes when he runs or makes quick movements and today he was playing football and headed the ball and it hurt him. How can I arrange to investigate this further?

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The answer

I would recommend that you take him to see his GP for an assessment and examination (if you have not done so already). The GP will be able to give you more of an idea if you need to be seriously worried or not. It may be that he has simply strained his neck when he fell. The GP will also be able to refer him to see a private consultant neurologist for a second opinion if needed. If there are any abnormalities found on the examination, the consultant will be able to arrange any further tests that may be required (such as a scan).

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