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Kris asked...

I have seen various dentists.

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I have seen various dentist and had quotes due to losing a front tooth down to an accident. Ever since, I have been very self conscious and a plate caused to much pain. I'm 26 and completely unaware or at that, have very little experience or knowledge on this front. I have been told by a latest dentist I need to pay £2600+ for an implant and being charged for 2 crowns privately at £240 each. I feel I'm always being taken a stray and duped into my hard earn money being taken away from me. That figure for myself is expensive and won't be able to cover the full amount. I have been told I can receive help with this treatment, even though I may have to pay towards it. I simply just do not know who to trust nowadays. Any help would mean a lot.

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The answer

I am sorry you have had such a poor experience. I would suggest you ask friends and neighbours for a recommendation so you find someone you can trust. The fees you quoted are actually very reasonable. Implants are very expensive because they are made of titanium, but the long term prognosis of this treatment is fantastic. Many dentists can arrange for 0% finance deals if this is something that is of interest. If you have a dental hospital near you it may be worth finding out if you can be seen there as often the treatment is free as you are treated by students under supervision. However there is usually a very long waiting list.

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