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I have a zero sperm count.

Tags: Pregnancy

What are the options availible if I have a zero sperm count?

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The answer

Unfortunately, if you have a zero sperm count, you are highly unlikely to regain natural fertility. The options available if you have a zero sperm count (the medical term is ‘azoospermia’) depend on the cause. If, for instance, you have had a vasectomy, it may be possible to have the vasectomy reversed, although success is by no means guaranteed and this option is not available on the NHS. 

‘Obstructive azoospermia’ means that the tubes, called the vas deferens, which carry your sperm from your testicles to your semen are blocked. Some people are born without either vas deferens, and sometimes without seminal vesicles, where other components of semen are made. Groin surgery (including hernia repair), trauma to your groin or testicles, infection (especially gonorrhoea, chlamydia and tuberculosis) can also block these tubes. Lack of sperm can also be caused by a problem with making sperm. Inflammation of the testicles from conditions like mumps can occasionally cause this. So can undescended testicles (usually picked up at routine checks in childhood), torsion of the testicles or genetic disorders.

Drugs – both prescribed and recreational – can affect quality of sperm but do not often lead to complete absence of sperm. It is important to talk to a specialist about the causes in your case to see whether any treatment might help. However, even if this is not possible, assisted conception with donated sperm is available.

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