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Sonya asked...

I am 5 weeks post natal.

Tags: Pregnancy

I am 5 weeks post natal. At week 3 I started with heavy blood loss and large blood clots (bigger than 50p). I was admitted to hospital for observation and was told I would have an ultrasound scan (USS). On a senior doctor review they decided to not do USS and prescribed antibiotics even though there were no symptoms of infection. The blood flow did reduce but did not stop and since that admittance I have returned to hospital 3 more times as concerned with the blood loss & large clots. On the 4th admittance they did a USS to check for retained products and none were found, only a 2cm growth which thay have said is an endometriosis and is not the cause of the bleeding? The explanation I have now been given is that it is a normal period and have been prescribed tranexamic acid to reduce blood loss to be taken for 5 days when heavy blood loss starts (enough to cover 3 periods). Is it common for post natal bleeding to continue for this length of time and continue to be bright red and with large clots (can soak a maxi pad within a few hours or less)? Can the continued loss be put down to normal menstruation? This is my second child, no complications with either birth and didn't have this problem with my first. I am thinking of seeking a private consultation as am not happy with the explanations given by NHS admittance.

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The answer

It is normal and common to have blood loss following childbirth which can last up to six weeks. If the bleeding is very severe or goes on for more than six weeks then I would normally do an examination and some further tests. Since you have already had a scan and you are still very concerned about the bleeding, it would seem perfectly reasonable to seek a second opinion, even if  the outcome is further reassurance. From what you describe it sounds like you have been checked out thoroughly in the hospital already. The bleeding could be due to normal menstruation but I cannot guarantee this is the case without examining you in person, checking your blood test results and the US scan report. If you are not happy and are still worried then being checked over again seems sensible. Why don’t you see your GP again and explain all of your concerns.

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