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Ciro asked...

Is the Measles jab available as a single injection?

Tags: Children

We have a daughter of 18 months (covered under our family policy with you). She is yet to have any inoculations - she is in excellent health. Is the Measles jab available for her to have as a single injection (i.e. not the MMR)? If so, where would we be able to have it done and what is the cost? Also, is the Meningitis jab available as a single injection too? We live in Sheffield. Thanks for your assistance.

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The answer

I can only recommend that you give your little girl the safest vaccinations available and they are all free at your GP surgery. Single vaccinations are not safe and therefore not available on the NHS or provided for by private health insurance. There is more than one type of meningitis (meningitis C, Hib and pneumococcal) but all are included in the full set of vaccines offered at your doctors surgery. You may find clinics on the internet offering single vaccines but they may not be fully trained professionals and the vaccines may not be safe.

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