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I have had two chemical pregnancies in the last 6 months.

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I have had two chemical pregnancies in the last 6 months, what does that mean?

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The answer

Chemical pregnancy isn’t a term that’s used very often in the UK. It’s usually used to mean a very early miscarriage, which happens at about the time that you wouldn’t know you were pregnant apart from having just missed a period and the fact that pregnancy tests these days are so accurate that they will usually be positive within a couple of days of you missing a period. Pregnancies are usually measured from the first day of the last menstrual period, even though the egg is fertilised about two weeks after that – so a chemical pregnancy is one that miscarried less than about 1½  weeks after you missed your period, or less than 3 ½ weeks after the egg was fertilised. That’s before the baby’s heart would have been seen on an ultrasound scan. Miscarriages are very common – probably about 1 in 6 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. That means about 1 in 36 women have two miscarriages in a row – it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to have a successful pregnancy.

In fact, women who get pregnant and miscarry have a better chance of taking a healthy baby home than women who have problems getting pregnant in the first place. Three miscarriages in a row counts as ‘recurrent miscarriage’ and your doctor should refer you to see if there is an underlying medical cause.

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