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Babette asked...

My 6 year old has come down with a very nasty cold bug.

Tags: Children

My 6 year old son has come down with a very nasty cold bug, and last night started complaining of a headache behind his eye. Although his head seems better, his eye is still sore and causing him discomfort (it is red and puffy). I am managing his temperature with Calpol and Nurofen and he is taking in fluids ok and going to the toilet as normal(he has been sick just once - just fluids). I have also checked for signs of meningitis and he is clear. My question is, should I be concerned about his swollen eye and perhaps take him to the GP (as long as he is not being sick). I wondered if it was a touch of sinusitis. He is rarely ill and being stoic but is upset and having trouble getting to sleep. Thank you for your advice.

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The answer

A swollen eye in a child with a fever and headache needs to be examined by a doctor as an emergency. The child needs to be checked for orbital cellulitis as that can be very serious. Please see a doctor immediately just in case that is the diagnosis. Sinusitis would not normally be the reason for a swollen eye but could be causing the headaches associated with a cold. Once orbital cellulitis is ruled out (hopefully it is not the cause because you have mentioned he is already getting better) then the appropriate advice can be given about what is needed.

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