Dental Care Aid by DigibunnyTech

Tags: Dental , Teeth

This App is intended to demonstrate the use of nine oral health products, including manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush, floss, interdental brushes and others. There are 3D videos for each product that are clear and professional looking.  

The developer of this App is based in Hong Kong and there are some differences in technique to what is recommended in the UK. For example, the manual brushing technique shows the brush moving forwards and backwards along the side of the tooth. In the UK we recommend the modified bass technique which is a more circular technique.
The 3D videos featured in this App are good to watch but there is no text or audio description to complement them. I think that an audio description would work well. 
Summary: It is important to see a hygienist/dentist for advice on hygiene techniques, but this App would be a good complement to refresh or maintain one’s knowledge.

App rating: I would give this App 3 out of 5

Dr Sej Patel

Cost from itunes UK: £1.99 



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