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Lifting the lid on the best dental products

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Not sure which toothpaste, mouthwash or floss will do the job properly and benefit your teeth? We take a look at oral hygiene and dental expert Dr Uchenna Okoye gives her verdict on the best dental care products.

Like other health sectors, there are a growing number of dental products available to buy these days and, when it comes to shopping for products, it can be hard to know which to choose to take the best care of your teeth.



What dental products should you use?

In order to take care of your oral hygiene in the best possible way, having the right tools of the trade can make a big difference.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), it’s important to clean your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, as this is the optimum time required to effectively remove plaque and clean your teeth properly.

A toothbrush with a small to medium-sized head, plus soft to medium bristles, is recommended, but the BDHF say many people find electric toothbrushes beneficial.

“Electric toothbrushes with oscillating and pulsating heads have been proven to be the most effective. Many have two-minute timers built in to help you brush for the correct amount of time,” says the BDHF.

Other essential products

Using a toothbrush only cleans three of the five key surfaces of your teeth though, so to take full care of your teeth, you need to clean between your teeth as well. This is where products such as interdental brushes, dental floss and tape come into their own.

“If you’re unsure how to use interdental brushes or floss, ask your hygienist or dentist to show you how,” advises the BDHF.

The BDHF explains that using a mouthwash, especially one containing fluoride, is also useful as part of your oral health care. The fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, plus it can freshen your breath.

Dental product market lowdown

Now you know what type of oral hygiene products should be on your bathroom shelves, here are Dr Uchenna Okoye’s verdicts on the best dental products on the market.

Best toothbrushes

Oral B PC Triumph 5000

“The only electric toothbrush recommended by the BDHF, the Triumph 5000 documents your brushing history with its SmartGuide wireless device. It has several brushing speeds for deep clean or whitening massage, is very effective in removing plaque and even ensures you apply the right pressure when brushing.”

Beam toothbrush

“This very clever app-connected toothbrush maps how you brush, then sends results to your Android or iPhone. Your brushing history can be sent to your dentist too, and it cleverly tells you when the head needs replacing.” Different sized heads are available for adults or children.

Best toothpaste

Oral B 3D White

“Many whitening toothpastes are too harsh, but this one is very gentle and has all the right ingredients. It not only removes stains, but more importantly will help prevent new ones.”

Colgate Duraphat 5000 Flouride Toothpaste

“This can only be prescribed by a dentist as it is high in fluoride. It’s recommended for people who have a problem with tooth decay and works by helping reduce the level of build up.” It’s advisable to use it three times a day.

Best mouthwash, interdental brushes and floss

Oral B Mouth Multi-Protection Alcohol-free Mouthwash

“This doesn’t have an overpowering taste of mint and protects the teeth from plaque build up. It’s good for sensitive teeth and has fluoride in it, to help make teeth more resistant to decay.”

TePe Interdental Brushes

“The TePe interdental brushes help floss teeth and get between the gaps. This well-designed range comes in different sizes suitable for different teeth sizes.”

Oral B Mint Satin Floss

“Strong floss that doesn’t shred, this comes in an easy-to-use little dispenser. The floss is easy to work with in between your teeth and flosses well.”

Best for specialist dental care

TePe PlaqSearch

“These little tabs can be chewed after brushing and flossing your teeth to highlight areas you’ve missed.” The red colour shows new plaque build up and the blue shows old plaque stains.

Retainer Brite

“These cleaning tablets are ideal to use daily for people who wear retainers. Just drop the tablet into water, then add the retainer. They work by cleaning the bacteria that can build up on the retainer and could lead to bad breath if not properly cleaned.”

Keeping your teeth cleaned and well looked after helps remove plaque and reduce the risk of tooth decay, so it’s a definitely a job worth doing and worth doing well. With expert product know-how, you can be sure that you’re investing in the best tools for the job.

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