Hearing test app for kids created

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A new app has been developed to help parents detect hearing loss in their children.

The Early Ears app, which is available for smartphones and tablet computers at a cost of 69p, enables parents to give their children a standard test that is already used in paediatric audiology departments.

Scientists from Aston University developed the tool and said it could offer parents "immediate reassurance" for any concerns they may have about hearing problems in their children.

The app uses what is known as the McCormick toy test, which has been used by audiology departments for 30 years to detect hearing difficulties.

The assessment presents a series of eight images and the children must correctly touch the image which responds to the app's audio instructions, which are broadcast at different volumes.

Dr Robert Morse, from Aston University's Health Care Clinics, said: "Our Early Ears app provides parents with a simple - but reliable - resource to test their children's hearing.

"For three decades the McCormick toy test has been used by audiologists to identify common causes of hearing loss in kids. This app brings that test into the home, offering parents immediate reassurance or recommendations to seek expert medical advice if they suspect their child may have a hearing problem."

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