Kids and cleaning teeth: Jun'13

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Maureen will be discussing kids oral health, teeth cleaning and why it's so important. As well as techniques on brushing and tips on geting your child to the dentist.

Fiona asked:  Hi there my nephew is 3 months old and is just starting to go into the teething stage - is this early? And also how can we keep his gums healthy at this stage?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Fiona.
3 months to start teething is a bit early usually children start teething around 4-6 months. It may be worth giving him a baby toothbrush to hold so he gets used to it. Obviously under supervision. When the teeth actually come through gentle brushing with soft baby brush and tiny amount of baby toothpaste will be just right. regards Maureen

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Heather asked: Do you have any advice on preparing your child for their first trip to the dentist?

AXA PPP healthcare: Hello Heather.
Assuming your child is quite young it is a good idea to get a book from the library about going to the dentist to introduce the idea. and then explain what will happen, Take the child with you for your check up and let him.her watch and if he/she is happy she can have a ride in the chair and a sticker. Then the next visit shoudl be easy for the dentist to have a look at his/her teeth and count and check them, Regards Maureen

Chris asked: How can I encourage my children (3 + 5) to brush their teeth properly, and how long should they be brushing for?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Chris. keep it fun !!!! Electric toothbrushes for children work well , some toothbrushes ring or bleep when they have brushed them long enough use charts and stars etc. Always supervise them and I suggest you brush them as well after they have brushed them until they are about 7 years old. Standing behind them to brush their teeth is easier . Regards Maureen

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CerpinTaxt asked: Are there any other dental products you'd recommend for a child apart from a toothbrush and toothpaste?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Cerpin For small children a toothbrush and childrens toothpaste is all you need, As children grow mouthwashes are a good idea from about 8-9 years of age to assist in keeping a good oral hygiene regime going. However thsi will not replace good brushing technique and visting your dentist regularly. Regards Maureen

AXA PPP healthcare asked: We had a question come through from Hazel on Twitter:

"My 3year old fell and chipped his teeth and this damaged the enamel. Can he have dental veneers to fix this?"

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Hazel. It is important to visit the dentist as soon as possible to check if the impact has affected the adult teeth behind them, and also if the enamel only is involved a small repair is possible. Veneers is not an option at this age. Regards Maureen


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Fiona asked: Another quick question on my nephew - he has an amber bracelet to wear as it's said to help reduce teething pain. Do you think this will work?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Fiona. My 1st concern is that this would be a choking hazard. Complimentary therapies are unproven far better to use a teething ring that has been popped in the fridge to cool the gums and soothe them. Baby teething gel from your pharmacist can also help. Your health visitor will be able to recomend if Calpol would help . regards Maureen

Chris asked: My daughter is six months old and hasn't started teething yet? Should she have by now?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Chris . don't worry they will appear soon. The average age for teething to begin is around 6 months so plenty of time. Regards Maureen

Nick1 asked: Is there a certain age at which children should start flossing or is it at soon as possible?

Maureen Chaseley answered: Hello Nick, Flossing is a good thing once the children have full dentition so best wait till then. Your dentist will be able to demonstrate good flossing technique to the children at the right time, Regards Maureen

AXA PPP healthcare asked: We've had a question come through from Alix on Facebook:

"I have been using Children's toothpaste for my daughter, at what age should I move her onto adult toothpaste?"

Maureen Chaseley answered: Dear Alix . Around 7 years old is a good time to move onto adult toothpaste so long as they can tolerate the change in flavour, Remember to only use a tiny pea size amount of toothpast and always ensure they spit out the toothpaste not swallow it. a useful website is from the British Dental Health foundation regards Maureen

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Thank you for all your questions! And thank you to Maureen for her brilliant answers. We hope they have helped you.


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