Parents Eva so grateful for new IVF

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The first baby to be conceived using a revolutionary new IVF method was born last week.

Proud mum Susan Walker-Dempster gave birth to Eva in Glasgow after undergoing early embryo viability assessment (Eeva).

Mrs Walker-Dempster and husband David Dempster brought Eva to the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (GCRM) to see staff members. One of them, medical director Dr Marco Gaudoin, said Eeva could be the most important breakthrough in IVF in the last few years.

The technique involves doctors looking at embryos during incubation with cutting-edge time-lapse imaging and then using a computer to select the ones with the least risk of defects. Pictures are taken every five minutes so experts can determine the ones that are most likely to lead to a full pregnancy. Embryos are checked once a day under a microscope in regular IVF.

Eva wasn't the first baby to be born using the Eeva technique, as Ruth Cater and John Traverse in Liverpool had a girl last month, but she was born prematurely. The Dempsters conceived Eva in September before the Merseyside couple, even though they weren't fully aware of the Eeva technique.

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