UK 'not the best place to be a mum'

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Mothers in Britain are not among the most privileged in the world, the Mother's Index shows.

The UK was ranked 23rd in a list of 176 nations in Save the Children's State of the World's Mothers report, behind European countries such as Ireland, Germany and France.
Finland topped the table, with Sweden and Norway second and third respectively. The bottom 10 spots in the annual index are taken by sub-Saharan African countries, where up to one-fifth of mothers are underweight as a result of poor nutrition or under-age pregnancy.

The Mother's Index highlights which nations are succeeding and which are failing in saving the lives of mothers and new-born babies. It measures the well-being of mums by assessing maternal health, under-five mortality, women's education levels, income, and political status.

Britain was found to have fewer women in Parliament and higher maternal and infant mortality rates than large parts of Europe, while women in the UK also have more chance of dying during pregnancy or childbirth than those in Slovakia, Montenegro and Lithuania.

The report suggests the increased risk comes from more younger and older women having children, with teenage and IVF pregnancy rates in the UK higher than in most countries in Europe.

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