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Maybe you have tried and failed to give up before or you’ve heard about friends using hypnotherapy to successfully quit. It might work if you truly believe in hypnotherapy and you’re ready to give up.

Currently the medical profession feel that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy is uncertain, so while there is no statistical evidence that it works there is still a chance it could help you.

This App is an audio guide. Max Kirsten talks you through the steps by outlining some rituals that might change your smoking behaviour and how these new habits might be embedded.
At £4.99, it’s cheaper than a packet of cigarettes and much cheaper than seeing a hypnotherapist in person.

If I were a smoker and felt ready to stop, I’d try this App especially if other aids have failed in the past. You need to find what works for you.

Summary: If hypnotherapy takes your fancy, then this is a very good introduction to it. It certainly won’t do you any harm. If the reviews from other users of this app are anything to go by, it may be the key to your success in becoming a non-smoker.

App Rating: 4/5

Dr Emmajane Down  



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