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This App provides a dashboard which counts the number of days you have given up for and shows the money you have saved.

It features a simple four-step instruction guide to help you manage each craving which is a valuable addition. If that doesn’t help, there are also games to distract you and easily accessible links to your own personal music playlist.

Inevitably there’s plenty of information about all the available Nicorette products, but it is not plastered across the App.

Current medical evidence for giving up smoking shows that your best chance of success is by using local services (stop smoking clinics) for support and follow up while you quit. This is four times more effective than stopping unassisted. Nicotine replacement therapy provided by healthcare professionals is also linked with better success rates than using no medications.

There is no evidence that self-help material provided by Apps like these are any better than the simple brief advice and interventions offered by doctors, but using them is more effective than doing nothing.

Summary: This App provides some excellent tips and reminders about why you are giving up and how to remain a non-smoker. The advice is practical and the medical information provided is accurate. Why not give it a go, it’s free.

App Rating: 3/5

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