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This is a relatively simple app to use. It is aimed at motivating the user to give up smoking by asking questions on stress levels, their urge to smoke and number of cigarettes they smoke with clear presentation of the data in a statistics section.

The user is asked to log information each time they get the urge to smoke which is in itself is a distraction and may allow the acute urge to subside a little so that they are more likely to be able to resist the temptation.
A key screen is the one which asks the user to click one of two choices; whether the user could wait a bit longer before smoking or whether they intend to smoke right now. Just thinking about these options is likely to trigger conscious control of an immediate urge to smoke.
The statistics section also gives further motivation through presentation of money saved, Co2 exposure and a particularly helpful front page message which shows the amount of time lapsed without smoking.

Apps are only aids to a proper smoking plan. Success in giving up smoking is mainly down to willpower alone but following a plan will give structure to this desire to give up improving the success rates.
When conscious decisions are made to make a behavioural change the brain likes physical actions to support this and this is why a plan or the use of an App like this is likely to help. 

Summary: I would recommend this free App to those trying to give up smoking. It is likely that best results would be achieved through the additional motivation provided by consulting with a smoking causation advisor, nicotine replacement therapy or Champix medication if appropriate.

App Rating: 3/5

Dr Alasdair Wright



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