Compulsory cooking for schools

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Schoolchildren are to be taught compulsory cooking lessons until the age of 14.

The School Food Plan  initiative put forward by the restaurateurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent, will teach seven to 14-year-olds about nutrition and healthy eating as well as essential cooking techniques.

Henry Dimbleby told BBC Breakfast that pupils should be taught how to cook basic dishes, such as bolognaise sauce, tomato sauce for pasta and roast chicken.

The plans are part of a government scheme to crack down on the root of obesity in young people.

"I am delighted that the Department for Education has listened to us and the many others who were calling for cooking to get such a strong emphasis in the new National Curriculum. Obesity and diet-related illnesses are major issues facing this country - as big a challenge in their way as poor education," Dimbleby said.

Dimbleby added that he hoped that the School Food Plan would radically improve what is eaten in schools and children's outlook towards cooking and food.

He acknowledged the previous work undertaken by Jamie Oliver and other campaigns in changing culinary attitudes and diets in schools.

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