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Positive mental health

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Positive mental health

With so much focus on diagnosing and understanding ill health such as stress and depression, sometimes it's easy to forget to focus on how it feels, or what it means, to be healthy.

Positive mental health is something to strive for, but how do you know if you are in good shape mentally?

People who have positive mental health are seen to:

Develop emotionally, creatively, intellectually and spiritually

Having goals and looking to the future is a sign of positive mental health. Focusing on what you want to achieve and then working out a plan to get to your goal is a good way of putting this personal development into practise.

Develop and sustain personal relationships

Having good mental health means that you will attract people of a similar mindset, enabling relationships to have a positive and nurturing effect on your life.

Face problems, resolve them and learn from them

No matter how happy you are life will present challenges. This is a normal part of life, however seeing challenges as something to overcome rather than a barrier to success is a sign of positive health.

Be aware of others and empathise with them

Being healthy is not just about feeling happy in yourself, it's about being able to recognise the needs of others and to know when you can and cannot help.

Use and enjoy solitude

Time alone is a fantastic opportunity to think about where you are in life, and where you want to be. It's also a perfect opportunity to relax without feeling the need to think about others, or please them.

Have fun

Positive mental health isn't just about functioning and getting things done, it's also about knowing what you like, and when and how to relax and enjoy yourself.


People with good mental health accept that they are not perfect and that they never will be, and therefore they find it easy to see the funny side of life!

The commonest challenges to mental health are anxiety and depression. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that one in four of us will experience some kind of mental health problem during the course of a year, and that many of these problems will be to do with feeling low and anxious. The bad press given to mental health problems can deter people from seeking support when they need it, but early action is always preferable to letting things get worse.

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