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Stress-proofing techniques

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stress-proofing-techniques-mainStress is the product of a complex relationship between the pressures or demands that you experience and the resources you have available to respond to them. Below are a series of stress-prooofing techniques that will help you to cope with stress and prevent it from escalating.



  •  Slow down a little - trying to do everything quickly adds to stress and often produces inferior results.
  • Learn to accept yourself - you're human after all and likely to make mistakes from time to time. Learn from them rather than beating yourself up over them.
  • Think positively - negative thinking often produces negative outcomes.
  • Get some exercise. It's easier to manage pressure when you're physically fit.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake. Keep within the recommended guidelines of 21 units a week for men and 14 units a week for women
  • Quit smoking - smoking exacerbates feelings of stress
  • Cut down on caffeine - caffeine stimulates the stress response
  • Avoid dehydration - drink plenty of water, fruit juice or tea during the day. Go easy on the coffee though!
  • Take a lunch- break each day - away from your work area
  • Build mini-breaks into your work day
  • Learn to avoid over-committing yourself
  • Find time for friends and family
  • Take your full holiday entitlement
  • Talk about any difficulties you are having rather than bottling them up
  • Remember to keep things in perspective -avoid making mountains out of molehills
  • Monitor your working hours - make sure you're allowing time for things other than work
  • Learn the ability to 'switch off' and relax


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