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This is a well-balanced app providing important emphasis on the dangers of smoking, the health gains from not smoking and the financial savings.

It allows users to monitor their progress by presenting the data in terms of percentage against various aspects of health and the data on life time saved is particularly motivational.
My impression is that this App correctly puts health as the major motivator with financial gains as a secondary benefit.
It features a gallery of pictures showing the health damaging effects of smoking but I suspect that users will not visit this page too often. It may have been better if these images and other health information appeared on the screen whilst users enter their data and monitor their progress.

Most smoking Apps are aiming to motivate smokers to give up by providing a means to record the history of their smoking habit. However, this App provides interaction and asks the user the question whether they can wait when they are about to smoke. This is a key psychological trigger which is more likely to action behavioural changes and in particular alters the immediate urge to smoke. 

Summary: I would recommend this app as a measure of smoking cessation progress. It clearly shows the health gains in percentage terms.

App Rating: 4.5/5

Dr Alasdair Wright  



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