Study casts doubt on obesity link

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A new study suggests that obese women are just as likely to have successful IVF treatment as women of a normal weight.

The new research contradicts previous studies that suggest there is a lower chance of pregnancy using IVF among overweight women. However, the earlier tests were on women using their own eggs.

The the new analysis by investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis and the University of California in Los Angeles pooled results of more than 4,700 women from earlier studies.

The journal Human Reproduction published the results, which look at patients from five earlier studies that took place over the past decade.
Emily Jungheim, the report's first author, said: "Our study suggests that obesity does not significantly affect whether a woman will become pregnant with donor eggs.

"This supports the argument that doctors shouldn't discourage obese women from pursuing treatment if they need donor eggs to conceive."

The data from the study also showed that obesity was not associated with differences in the rates of miscarriage or live birth among obese women who used donor eggs, when compared with women of normal weight.

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