Smokers urged to swap fags for swag

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Quitting smoking is often perceived to be primarily driven by people's desire to improve their health.

But, for a quarter of smokers, the strain on their finances is more likely to prompt them into kicking the habit than the long-term health risks, a new survey shows.

Meanwhile, the British Heart Foundation  survey found more than a third (34%) of smokers feel guilty about how much money they spend on their habit.

And with 20-a-day smokers forking out more than £2,500 each year, the findings have prompted the charity to urge people to "swap fags for swag" as part of its 30th annual No Smoking Day campaign.

The foundation's associate medical director, Dr Mike Knapton, said feeling guilty about the impact their habit has on finances and family life placed an "emotional burden" on many smokers.

He said the charity was there to help those seeking to stop, forecasting that more than 750,000 smokers will try to kick their habit on No Smoking Day on March 13, adding: "Reward yourself and your family with the money you save when you swap fags for swag."

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