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This App sells itself as an ‘inspirational’ free guide to either giving up smoking or cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. Users are encouraged to add a motivational statement beside your smoking habits so that you can track your progress and be reminded daily of your own personal reasons to continue quitting.

The unique aspect of this App is an emergency button that users can hit if they have a craving and/or smoke a cigarette. This feature activates a message which pops up and reminds the smoker of all the reasons why they are giving up. Users can also look at their own personal progress chart and can even win awards for their achievements.

There is no medical evidence to show that self-help material provides any better chance of success than seeing your doctor for the traditional stop smoking treatments, but it is more effective than simply doing nothing.

The best thing about this App is the online community of other quitters using the App and sharing their successes. There is nothing like some group support, medical evidence suggests, and motivation to help keep you feeling inspired and on track.

Summary: A great motivational tool with many accurate medical tips on why being a non-smoker is so fantastic. It’s free so no excuse not trying it out.

App Rating: 4/5

Dr Emmajane Down



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