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Shabby asked...

I sometimes get a sharp pain in my head.

Tags: Stress

I sometimes get a sharp pain in my head, I don't suffer from headaches at all.

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The answer

You say you don’t get headaches, but some people would describe your pain as a headache. The most common form of headache is the tension headache, which tends to feel like a tightness or pressure in a band where a hat-band would be. A very localised pain like yours could be related to eye strain, so you should definitely make an appointment with your optician. If you’re well between episodes of pain and don’t have any other symptoms in your nervous system (changes in your eyesight, loss of power to part of your face, numbness etc.), it’s unlikely there is anything serious going on. However, if the pain persists, becomes more severe or is associated with any other symptoms, do see your doctor.

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