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Nicola asked...

I have gained about a stone since being put on amitriptilyn for headaches.

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I have gained about a stone since being put on amitriptilyn for headaches. At first I was on 20mg but now I'm on 40 mg. I'm active and eat about 1800 cal aday. I'm 41 and weigh 9 stone 6lb. I'm 5 ft 2. It all seems to be round my middle and my thighs and I don't want to get any bigger.

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The answer

I am afraid weight gain is one of the well known side effects of this medication, as it can cause an increased appetite in some people. I presume you are using it for prevention of migraine, which can be a very disabling condition. You will need to weigh up the benefits of whether the medication is working in preventing the headaches, versus the unwanted side effect of weight gain. If you are unable to keep the weight off with diet and exercise, then you may want to consider lowering the dose again or trying an alternative medication for the headaches. There is no easy answer to this question, I am afraid.

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