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Every single toe in my left foot hurts.

Tags: Anxiety , Stress

I'm a 17 year old male. Every single toe in my left foot hurts, for four days now. The left side of my chest and side and left knee hurt today. Seven months ago, my heart ached and I felt dizzy then I felt it stop for two or three seconds, then it beat in an irregular rhythm and I felt dizzy. My systolic blood pressure was 90 and the diastolic 60. I don't drink alcohol.

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The answer

You have described many minor problems that do not sound serious  and do not represent serious illness. Especially as they only last for a few minutes and then go away. Some people can over worry about very small minor complaints when they are actually suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. You should discuss how you are feeling with your doctor, who can examine you and reassure you further that you are not seriously ill. Your blood pressure is normal for a young fit healthy man, as long as you do not get dizziness when you get up from sitting/lying down and you are able to exercise without symptoms of dizziness.

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