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Can you advice me on how the family can support with this?

Hi, can you advice me on how the family can support with this?

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There are many ways a family could support women and prevent cervical cancer. Firstly teenagers can have a jab (immunisation) at school to prevent the transmission of HPV which can lead to cervical cancer. If you have a daughter, check that she has received the full course of jabs and is fully protected. Secondly the family can encourage and remind teenagers/young women to attend for their smear tests regularly. Smear tests are done to pick up the cancer in its early stages, so treatment can be given and lives can be saved. A family could help remind women about their follow up appointments. The family could also help reassure and explain the  smear test and other treatments if she is scared or putting it off.  Lastly if a women is diagnosed with cervical cancer then the family can really help support her by attending appointments with her and listening to her concerns. You can help take notes for her during the appointments at the hospital so information is not lost or forgotten. She may like you to ask questions for her if she is too upset. Being with her throughout the appointments and treatments will really help her feel like she is not alone. There should be lots of advice and support offered by the hospital in this situation for both the patient and the family, so make sure you ask should you need it.

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