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Mike White asked...

When exercising I'm finding I lose energy?

Tags: Exercise , Fitness

I'm on a diet eating healthily. When exercising I'm finding I lose energy, I used to do 2 hours on the bike which would be no problem with just water, combating this with a mars bar. Any advice?

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The answer

Firstly, we need to look at your calorie intake to ensure you are having enough calories to substitute for training. If you are dieting to lose weight you should look at between 1,200 to 1,500 − if you go any lower than this you will dramatically reduce your energy levels, so ensure you are having enough calories. Secondly, rest days are essential and 2 hours on a bike is pretty intense, so always have a day’s rest in-between − if you like to be active have a walk instead and replace with a stretching session.  Here is a healthy and better energy boosting substitute for you to swap with your Mars bar: “oatcake topped with banana, honey and raisins”.

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