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Keep children healthy and activeIt's coming up to the time of year many parents dread - the summer holidays! Finding safe, enjoyable activities to keep children healthy and active needn't be a wash-out, though.

It's important to remember two things when picking activities for kids. Firstly, try to find things that keep them moving.

Secondly, try to make them fun! Looking for the “games” in even everyday activities ups interest levels and helps develop a lifelong interest in keeping healthy and active.

So what can you do to keep the kids engaged in fun

First up - before the holidays descend on you, start contacting local leisure centres and your local authority to ask them for timetables for summer activities and activity centres.

There's usually a range of sports on offer, from tennis to football to the less usual, like ice skating and horse riding. The costs tend to be lower than at private facilities, and the staff will also be appropriately qualified and cleared to work with children and young people. 

Your child's school may also be able to tell you about summer

Kids more interested in swimming? Why not pop down to your local leisure centre or lido and enrol them in a course of swimming lessons, or sign them up to an organised water-based fun session?
Keeping children fit and healthy doesn't have to cost the earth. Take a football over to the park and have a kick-about, or why not make a day of it? Pack a bag of different things - a kite, tennis rackets and balls, Frisbee, for example, and head over to your local park for some fun. If you've got bikes (or want to try renting them), you'll also be able to leave the car at home and get out and about in a healthier way (for both you and the environment).
Holidays can be a great time for you and your children, you just need to think outside of the box and keep them moving.

(learn to cycle)
(find local parks, local authorities) 

Find out more about the child health care options available to your family. You can also discover more information in our Pregnancy and Childcare Centre or if you have a specific question, you can ask our experts.


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