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Ed Fields asked...

Is there a difference between running on a treadmill in a gym and running outside?

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Is there a difference between running on a treadmill in a gym and running outside?

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The answer

Outdoors running is a lot more challenging than jumping on the treadmill at the gym, the reason being is when you are outdoors you have lots of different elements to contend with, such as the weather, which can instantly make your run more challenging. Then you have different terrains which can add extra intensity to your run, the hardest being running on sand or soil. The other factor to take into consideration is you are often running on uneven surfaces and especially cross-country running, which will require the odd hop and leap over puddles, trees, climbing over gates and styles. Indoors running will always be a little easier as you do not have to contend with the weather, uneven surfaces or terrains, and you also get a little help from the treadmill as the belt on the treadmill propels you slightly forwards as you run. Even so, the treadmill is still the most popular piece of equipment in the gym.

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