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Julia asked...

I drink a large glass of milk on my way to the gym, is this suitable?

Tags: exercise , fitness

I am an early bird with my fitness training. I am not very good at eating anything too heavy in the morning. I drink a large glass of milk on my way to the gym, is this suitable?

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The answer

Firstly it is great you have a set routine for your training. Obviously getting up so early you don’t want to eat a full breakfast, so what would be the perfect pre workout snack would be to still have your glass of milk but I would recommend you add a few porridge oats to this. The benefit here is that it’s still very light but the oats are full of fibre, which means they will slowly be releasing carbohydrates into your bloodstream. This will keep your energy levels higher and more consistent during your early morning workout, with the added bonus of containing Vitamin B which helps convert carbs to energy. Alongside this it would also be great to have half a banana. These are nature’s “power bars” because not only are they packed with carbs but also potassium, which helps with nerve and muscle function, so aim for your milk with oats and half a banana for a super power workout, yet super light breakfast.  Also, the other half of the banana is good for the post workout snack.

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