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What foods boost white blood count?

Tags: Diet

What foods can I eat to boost my white blood count?

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The answer

There is no specific diet which will boost your white cell count. Your white cells are an important part of your immune system, which helps you to fight off disease. Your immune system can be suppressed by certain medications (including cancer treatments, steroid tablets and medications given for ‘autoimmune’ conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or rheumatoid arthritis) and by some cancers and other conditions like HIV.

Some people have naturally lower levels of white cells – for instance, people of Afro-Caribbean origin can be perfectly healthy with a white cell count that is lower than the ‘normal’ for Caucasian people. However, there is some evidence that the efficiency of your immune system is boosted by a healthy balanced diet which is relatively low in saturated fat but includes lots of fruit and vegetables, and by taking regular exercise.

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