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Susie asked...

What diet will help with my acne?

Tags: Diet

What type of diet should I adopt to help with my acne problem?

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The answer

Diet has little or no effect on acne. For example, there is no evidence that chocolate or fatty foods cause or aggravate acne. However, if the person notices that a particular food triggers flares of acne, then it is reasonable to avoid it.

Overall, there are enormous health benefits to making improvements to your diet. In particular, reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates (sugary, low fibre foods); limiting red meat and reducing your intake of saturated (animal) fats; and increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and some cancers. These changes certainly won’t do your acne any harm and may be worth a try as they will increase your feeling of wellbeing.

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