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Brian asked...

Is there a difference between fresh and frozen fruit?

Tags: Fruit , Nutrition

Is there any nutritional difference between fresh and frozen fruit?

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The answer

The good news is that frozen fruit is nutritious and counts towards the recommended ‘5 a day’. Fruit is a key provider of body-protecting antioxidants and vital vitamins such as vitamin C and folate. These nutrients start to dwindle once fruit is picked.

Fruit destined for freezing is harvested when nutrient levels are at their peak, then blanched (to stop spoilage), then quick-frozen within a few hours of harvest. After initial small vitamin losses, freezing halts further reductions. Nutritionally speaking, frozen fruit may be better than fresh fruit that has been picked for some time. Always follow ‘best by’ dates on frozen produce labels (about six months for frozen fruit).

Answered by Dr Sarah Schenker.


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