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Francis asked...

I need to put on weight.

Tags: Diet , Weight

I have had a full check up and blood test and all is fine, but would like to put on another stone in weight because lots of people comment and its getting a bit tiring. I wonder if you have any suggestions?

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The answer

There is a wide variation in natural body sizes both in terms of bone structure and other body tissues such as muscle and fat. Provided you feel well and you have always been of slim build, then that is likely to be your natural body type. If you wish to gain weight, then it is best to build healthy muscle through exercise and an increase of calories in your diet. Stick to healthy foods such as lean proteins e.g. chicken or fish, and complex carbohydrates such as pasta, wholemeal bread or rice. To stimulate muscle growth, it is best to eat and drink within 30 minutes after exercise for maximal protein and carbohydrate uptake.

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