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John asked...

I am struggling to lose weight.

I have been on a diet now for 12 weeks the first few weeks the weight was dropping off but now despite working hard at the diet and regular exercising I am hardly losing at all. It makes me feel like giving up but I need to lose a further 5 stone. I need some advice help and encouragement? Thanks

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The answer

Firstly do not give up as you are doing so well and you should be proud of your achievements. Sometimes we hit a plateau and this is where everything seems to slow down. This can be the body getting used to the routine you are doing or even the foods you are eating, so it is a good idea especially when it comes to the workouts to keep changing them. I always suggest changing every 3 weeks, as our muscles have what’s known as a muscle memory, so simply become a little lazy. So try to mix up the order of your routine, or if for example you do walking, walk a different route and maybe add some hills. This then wakes the body back up and you will find the weight starts coming off again.

Why not try this every morning before you jump in the shower and boost your metabolism with this 4 minute workout: 20 seconds of star jumps, then 10 seconds of marching on the spot ‒ do this 8 times which is exactly 4 minutes. This helps speed up your calorie burn for the rest of the day. Diet wise, always stick with fresh food ‒ lots of vegetables, fresh fruit and lean meats, and no processed food ‒ and make sure portions are always small.

You can do it as you have done it before, so stick with it and you will reach your goals ‒ remember that mind-set is as important as workouts and diet.

Answered by Lucy Wyndham-read.


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