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Health and fitness tips for you

Health and fitness tips for September

More post-summer health and fitness tips!

Try a dance class

Salsa, Flamenco or belly dancing! You could even have fun with the kids and have a short family class in the garden. You can burn on average 50 calories just on a low level 15 minutes of Salsa! 

Go for a fifteen minute jog...

With the kids while on they go on their scooters. Everybody gets to have fun, move their bodies and get fit together! 

Drop the fizzy and beat that bloat

Instead of fizzy drinks, try a whole week drinking water and pure juices instead of mixed sugary fizzy drinks, herbal teas instead of tea and coffee and notice how much more energy you have. 

Try having healthy BBQ's at the weekends

Have salad and quinoa options instead of white rolls and blend your own juices or smoothies. 

Try ten minutes of meditation

Each day for the month. Just sit quietly and try and still the mind, focus on the breathing.

Omelette options

For lunch try having a healthy omelette once a week instead of the usual sandwich, add vegetables to load up on lovely nutrients packed with protein and a nice change from the norm. 

Have an evening of playing a board game

It will get you away from the TV and is good for family time, and you will certainly have more laughs. 

Keep a daily diary

Showing quality family time when everyone is together each week, try and add more family time each week doing something positive. 

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