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Diet Assistant differs from food and activity trackers by offering a range of different meal plans e.g. vegetarian, feeling full, low GI, pescatarian, complete with recipes and shopping lists.  You can also customise plans by substituting foods or dishes. 

Other useful tools include a forum for support, weight graph and a goal weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) record.  However, like so many weight management-related Apps, the user is able to set a goal weight that would put them in the ‘underweight’ BMI category.  Apps should have a block on this with a note about healthy weight ranges.

When inputting your profile you decide if you want to lose, gain or maintain weight (along with other data regarding height, weight, age, sex and activity level).  The App then presumably calculates your calorie needs to achieve this and applies it to your selected meal plans.  But there is no obvious option for choosing the rate at which you want to lose weight and no obvious summary of the overall calorie and key nutrient content of your chosen meal plans – just calorie and key nutrition information per meal, which I feel limits its appeal.

If you choose to pay for the Pro version you get more functionality with the meal plans, shopping lists and nutrition facts – and no ads!  

Summary: In my view the main benefit of this App is the range of meals with nutrition information you could pick and choose from if needing some meal ideas.  The free version is fine for this.

App rating: 2.5 out of 5

Cost from iTunes GB: Free (Pro version £1.98)

Lyndel Costain 



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