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Suzanne asked...

I have been diagnosed gluten intolerant.

Tags: Diet , Digestion , Stress

I have been diagnosed by a gastroenterologist as being gluten intolerant and having a digestive system that doesn't react well to stress, however I have noticed that my digestive systems reactiveness is increased around the time of my period and becomes very reactive when normally it is fairly well controlled without medication just a careful diet the rest of the time. My GP doesn't seem able to help or suggest or prescribe anything that may help and as I am 42 I am unable to go back on the pill which I was on before my symptoms started when I hit 40 and was taken off it. Would I benefit from seeing a different specialist to try and reduce this as its turning into a monthly nightmare as my periods are pretty problematic due to PCOS and heavy blood loss leading to anaemia already, all my GP wished to do is give me an IUD but from my research this may not be the best thing for me. I do not need contraception. What would you suggest? Thank you

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The answer

As you feel your symptoms are worse with your monthly menstruation you could try an alternative hormonal pill which may help regulate your hormones. The mini-pill is a progesterone only pill that and is safe in women over 40. It is a method of contraception (so no good if you would like to get pregnant) but it could be used to regulate your hormone levels safely until menopause (which is usually around the age of 50). It often stops the periods completely after a few months of taking it daily, which would also help you with your heavy periods and anaemia. Why don’t you ask your doctor if this is a good option for you to try first.

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