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Tap and Track allows you to track your daily food intake and activity, and calculates the calories consumed and calories burned over the day, comparing it to a personal calorie intake target.  

To get started you need to tell it your current weight, height, sex, age and activity level and whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight.  Responsibly it recommends a maximum of 2lb a week. Less helpfully you can set your target weight at a level that would be classified as ‘underweight’.  Any App involved in weight management should have a block on setting such low weights with an alert explaining why and how to set a healthier goal weight.  

Once you've set your goal, the App calculates a target number of daily calories.  As you enter foods you have eaten, the calorie content is subtracted from your daily calorie target. If you add any activity/exercise to the tracker then your calorie target is adjusted up accordingly.  The tracker features can also be used offline. There is scope to track your weight and the Pro version has more general functionality, including pie charts.

One unique feature is the ability to set a ‘budget’ for fat and carbohydrate intake. One dubious feature is the option to adjust your calorie target according to whether you feel you have a ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ metabolism – not recommended.  It also seems to encourage a higher protein intake than most people would be used to and higher than what is typically recommended for a balanced diet.

Summary: Any tool that helps people to track their food intake and activity level in a user friendly way will help them to manage their weight. In my view there are better Apps available, with more UK-friendly food databases, and they are free.

App rating: 2.5 out of 5

Lyndel Costain

Cost from iTunes GB: Free (can upgrade to Pro version for £2.49)


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