StarTeeth by FUNGAMENTAL Labs s.r.o.

Tags: Children , Dental , Teeth

This App is intended to motivate children to brush their teeth. This is achieved by making brushing fun by using characters called “buddies” and a 2 minute timer.

This App is fun and the characters will appeal to younger children. It features a brushing guide which is in text and picture format but unfortunately this does not give the correct message about effective brushing as the text refers to “wiping” rather than brushing.

This App also advises users to brush their teeth after breakfast. This is not entirely correct as brushing immediately after eating can increase the risk of tooth wear.

Additional features of the StarTeeth App include some descriptions of what the structures in the mouth look like, which are of limited use. 

Furthermore, after the “buddy” has been selected and the timer starts, there is a video of the brushing process. This video has no technical value and shows the brush being moved around the mouth too quickly, which may lead to poor technique and bad habits.

Summary: This App is intended to motivate children but I showed it to my 6 year old who read and watched it and then said that it was boring.

I would not recommend this App as I think that it may lead to bad habits and the novelty value will wear off quickly. However, if you are having difficulties motivating your child to brush their teeth, then this App may help as long as brushing is supervised.

App rating: I would give this App 2 out of 5

Dr Sej Patel

Cost from itunes UK: Free




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