Oral Care Buddy

Tags: Dental , Teeth

This App is a very simple timer intended to ensure that tooth brushing is conducted for 2 minutes.

This App features 4 brushing tips that are text only.  These tips are very basic and, although all are correct from a dental hygiene perspective, they do not provide the same impact that pictures or videos would.

The App’s 2 minute timer counts down to zero, telling you to change brushing area every 30 seconds but does not indicate where to start and which area to move onto next. It assumes that the user already has a certain level of experience with tooth brushing.

Summary: I would not recommend this App as it is too basic and there are other Apps that provide videos and more information.

App rating: I would give this App 0 out of 5

Cost from Google Play: Free 
Dr Sej Patel




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